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  • What is an FAQ section?
  • What Is A Class At ABI Like?
  • What Is The Cost Of Tuition?
    Each course costs $1260, some of our programs require 3 courses (3 x $1260 = $3780) and some of our programs require 5 courses (5 x $1260 = $6300). You do not have to pay for the entire program up front, just pay per course when you register. At the current time, we are unable to accept title IV funds, such as FAFSA or PELL Grants, since we are an online non-degree granting institution. We do offer interest free financing read more at: scroll down the page to see different payment options.
  • How Does The Field Requirement Work?
    Students must complete a field requirement of 40 hours hands-on experience as a volunteer or employee in a position related to their program. It is up to the student to find a location near where they live. We do not have an approved list of providers since students live across the U.S. as well as Internationally. Locations cannot be pre-approved. Begin by identifying a local employment or volunteer opportunity. Next you will submit a Field Registration form, available to registered students, for review by the Office of Academic Advising before accumulating field hours.
  • Are Online Classes Right For Me?
    What are the characteristics of a successful online student? A successful student in online education needs to be motivated and self-disciplined. While online courses provide great flexibility and freedom, they also require that students will complete readings and assignments independently. What is needed to take classes online at ABI? To take a course, you will need access to a computer and a connection to the internet. All material will be accessed via the internet except the readings, which come from the textbook(s) accompanying the class. You will need to obtain the text(s) for each course. All texts and materials are either available from or numerous other vendors.
  • Why ABI?
    Professional instruction Unlike most online instructional programs, we use only professional educators that are experienced in both their subject matter and the process of education. Our faculty have decades of experience in their respective fields; most of our instructors have doctoral degrees and extensive college teaching experience as well. We use a nationally known course management system to provide the latest educational technology to every student in every course. All inquiries and discussions take place directly with our faculty; we never use teaching assistants in our courses. Licensing and Authorization Review and approval processes ensure that an institution meets recognized standards. Read more about the organizations that have reviewed and approved courses at ABI. Flexible and convenient Online materials are accessible 24 hours a day. You are free to go back to review lessons and modules as you wish. Our web based, interactive courses allow students to obtain professional quality instruction without travel, anywhere at any time. Interactive Every course provides discussion forums on each topic, regular consultation with course instructors, and interactive feedback within the online modules. Unlike correspondence courses, ABI programs are very dynamic
  • How Can I Contact ABI?
    Can I telephone the institute? Yes, you can call us toll free at (866) 755-0448. How do I email the institute? Email us at [email protected] What is your mailing address? Animal Behavior Institute, Inc. 4711 Hope Valley Road Suite 4F-332 Durham, NC 27707
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