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Choosing a School

We realize that you have many options to choose from when selecting an online education. While it is not our policy to comment on other institutions, we would like to offer you some suggestions for evaluating your alternatives.


Is the school accredited by any external organization? Don’t be fooled by meaningless accreditations. If the school is accredited, visit the accreditation organization’s website – do they list the criteria for accreditation and the process involved? How extensive is the list of institutions that have been accredited? State licensing is not a form of accreditation and does not confer the same level of review and approval.

Don’t settle for a list of staff or administrators, find out exactly who will be teaching you. Insist on knowing their experience, education and qualifications before you become a student. Many online schools use “mentors” or “trainers” that may have no more experience than you do. You should be suspicious if they list the achievements of their founders or directors, but are unwilling to share the credentials of their teachers.


Be wary of programs that offer to let you start your classes immediately, or offer to let you learn at your own pace.  These cues indicate that you are embarking on an unstructured program that effectively forces you to learn the material on your own. Course materials are often provided in lieu of real textbooks, but it may amount to little more than a correspondence course – leaving you with far less than you bargained for.


Read reviews of the school, including comments from current and former students, to get a fuller picture of the institution. All schools provide student testimonials; however, they don’t provide a full picture of the student experience. 


Reviews are more helpful, but be aware that not all reviews are equally valid. Some review services allow the students to post comments or ratings by invitation only, ensuring that all reviews will be positive. If you’ve never heard of the review service, approach it with a hefty grain of salt. We recommend that you stick to reviews from well established sites such as Google or Facebook. Be leery of schools that don’t allow students to post reviews on public sites. 

Student Success

What can you do with an ABI education? They're working as trainers, zookeepers, rehabilitators and educators. Many graduates are employed at a wide variety of institutions, while others have started their own businesses. Check out our student success stories to see what our graduates have accomplished.

Refund Policy

What happens if you’re unhappy with a course or the program?  What is the school’s refund policy? Is it readily available on their website or in their literature? You shouldn’t have to hunt  to find out what your options will be. Many schools have no public refund policy. Once you’ve paid your tuition, you’re out of luck. Know what your options are before you sign a contract or make a payment.

Final summary 

How does the competition stack up against the Animal Behavior Institute? We’ve been offering quality, online programs for nearly 20 years. Your education is a substantial investment of time and money. Do your homework to ensure that it will be everything you deserve.

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