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Field Requirement

You must fulfill the field requirement in order to complete your certificate program.  The field requirement consists of 40 hours of hands-on experience as a volunteer, intern or employee in a position relevant to your program. 


Approval Process

You’ll begin by identifying a relevant employment or volunteer opportunity in your area and submit a Field Registration form to the Office of Academic Advising (the form is available to students). Once the position has been reviewed and approved you may begin accumulating field hours.

The field requirement can be completed using hours at one or multiple institutions, but registration and approval is required for each position. You need to complete your hours while you’re enrolled; work completed prior to matriculation cannot be used to fulfill this requirement. 

Multiple Certificates

If you pursue more than one certificate you must complete the field requirement separately for each certificate program, unless otherwise noted. All requirements must be met and the appropriate documentation submitted before your certificate will be issued.  

Please note that Minnesota students will be required to complete a final written project in lieu of the field experience requirement. Contact an admissions officer for more information.

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