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Stacy Ferrara

ABI Success Story


Advanced Feline Training
Feline Training & Behavior

Stacy graduated from the Animal Behavior Institute with dual certificates in both Feline Training & Behavior and Advanced Feline Training. Like many of our students, Stacy has had a life-long love of animals, particularly cats. She grew up volunteering at animal shelters and spent time at her Grandmother’s pet store.

Stacy came across an ad for ABI and decided it was time for a more structured learning environment that would allow her to follow her passion. She felt that ABI was a great fit for her needs; it gave her the confidence she needed to continue towards her professional goals while providing the flexibility she was seeking. The online programs allowed Stacy to complete her courses around her work and volunteer schedule. Her favorite course in the program was Animal Enrichment, providing a new window into her passion for animal behavior.

Today, Stacy is the proud owner of Pawsitive Potential, LLC ( where she meets with clients to solve feline behavior issues, reinforcing desired behavior to produce positive results. She volunteers at Last Hope Animal Rescue by serving on the Advisory Board and actively works with several other rescue organizations. She helps with problematic cats to not only further them to become more adoptable but to also save adoptions, preventing adopted animals from being returned, and keeping cats in their loving homes. She has also provided training for volunteers to learn better socializing skills and to guide them through common problem behaviors. I think we can all agree that what Stacy’s has been up to since she graduated from ABI is pawsitively awesome!

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