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Kaile Bennett

ABI Success Story


Laboratory Animal Behavior

Kaile is one of ABI’s Laboratory Animal Behavior program graduates. From a young age, Kaile was interested in animal training. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and was soon working in her university's lab. After founding an animal enrichment program for the lab, Kaile decided that she would like to further her education.

While looking for online classes in animal behavior, Kaile found ABI. Like many employers, the Kaile's university paid for all of her classes. Her plans are that this will be her career for life.

Kaile feels that ABI taught her how to be more structured in creating training programs for the animals she works with. She works mostly with mice, dogs, cats, primates and sheep. Among her favorite courses at ABI were Animal Enrichment (of course) and Primate Behavior & Enrichment. In her off time, her dogs and baby keep her very busy.

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