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Danielle Leger

ABI Success Story


Zoo & Aquarium Science

Worcester County, MA, is home to a 2009 graduate of our Zoo & Aquarium Science program. Danielle Leger is currently a zookeeper/camp director at Animal Adventures in Bolton, MA. Her duties are many; she does everything from making diets and giving tours to supervising the camp program at which she teaches children about animal enrichment.

After a presentation Danielle gave at her church on gerbils, someone approached her with the suggestion that she volunteer at Animal Adventures. She was offered a paid position after a year of volunteer work. ABI is a strong proponent of volunteer work as a means to securing employment.

Danielle enrolled in our Zoo & Aquarium Science program to help her stay current in her chosen field. ABI not only helped her to solidify what she wanted to do for her career, but also gave her the ability to apply the things she learned at ABI at her job. Exotic Animal Management and the Animal Nutrition courses were her favorites. She uses much of what she learned, particularly in Animal Nutrition, in her camp work.

Other than playing with her dogs, Danielle enjoys sewing, knitting and baking. She plans to remain in the zoo field for many years to come.

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