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Ph.D. in General Teaching Psychology, Walden University
M.A. in Psychology, Specialization in Animal Behavior & Conservation, Hunter College
M.A. of Philosophy in Psychology, Walden University
B.S. in Psychology & Marine Science Specialization, Slippery Rock University

Dr. Caldwell is an adjunct professor at several universities, teaching courses in animal behavior and psychology. She has dedicated her career to animal training, behavior, and welfare. Dr. Caldwell has over twenty-five years of experience in the behavioral science and zoological field working with a variety of species; her graduate research focused on the effects of environment enrichment on sea otter behavior. She has participated in several marine conservation and research projects with a diverse group of animals including bottlenose dolphins, sea otters, penguins, and right whales. Dr. Caldwell works at a private zoo where she collaborates with the curatorial team on best animal welfare practices, mentor staff on animal husbandry, and design habitats to promote species appropriate behaviors.

Dr. Caldwell has over 15 years of experience as a professional dog trainer, teaching classes in obedience, socialization, and therapy dog training. She is an AKC evaluator, Pet Partners therapy dog evaluator, and a registered therapy dog and cat handler. Dr. Caldwell serves as a subject matter expert on the Pet Partners Human-Animal Bond Advisory Board. She conducted her dissertation on the motivators that influence canine handlers to volunteer in animal-assisted activities. She is a fear-free and relationship-centered certified trainer. Her training philosophy focuses on using LIMA methods to connect, communicate, and develop a strong commitment with your animals.

Dr. Gina Caldwell

Professor of Animal Behavior

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