Animal Assisted Therapy

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Practical Psychology

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Animal Assisted Therapy

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The Human-Animal Bond

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Animal Training

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Behavior & Training of Marine Mammals

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Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies

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Canine Behavior & Enrichment

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Feline Behavior & Enrichment

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Animal Behavior

R = required    E = elective

Animal Assisted Therapy

Certificate Program (15 credits)

Are you a therapist, social worker, educator or health care worker looking for new ways to expand your practice and your professional toolbox? Join the rapidly growing field of Animal Assisted Therapy, Education and Activities. Our program gives you the skills you need to establish your own program and start enriching the people and animals in your life.

What is Animal Assisted Therapy?

Research has validated what every pet owner already knows: interactions with animals can reduce our stress levels and increase our sense of well being. Anxiety melts away as we stroke our cat or play with the dog. Animals create enormous motivation in people of all ages and can be an integral component in the success of treatments and educational programs.

When animals are used for therapeutic purposes the activities are known as Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT). When they are incorporated into teaching and learning activities it is known as Animal Assisted Education (AAE). Animal Assisted Activities (AAA), such as visitations with the elderly or shut-ins, are designed to improve human physical, social, emotional, and cognitive functioning.

Your ABI Education

You will need a broad understanding of both human and animal behavior to succeed in animal assisted therapy, education or activities. Our multidisciplinary certificate in Animal Assisted Therapy will give you the training and confidence you need to develop a safe, effective program.  Upon graduation, you may begin using the designation CAATP, Certified Animal Assisted Therapy Professional.

Program Requirements

The Animal Assisted Therapy program consists of five courses, including four required courses and one elective. In addition, there is a field work requirement which consists of 40 volunteer/employment hours at a an approved facility of your choice relevant to the program.  

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