Success Stories

What do a 3 legged bearded dragon, puffer fish, and a blue-tongued skink named Abby have in common? If you said they are all part of Peggy Kelley’s Pet Therapy Program, you’d be right!

Peggy lives in Claremore, OK, and works as a therapist on an adolescent ward at Parkside, Inc, a psychiatric hospital. Since she was a teenager, Peggy has been. . . read more.


Success Stories
Worcester County, MA is home to a graduate of our Zoo & Aquarium Science program. Danielle Leger is currently a zookeeper/camp director at Animal Adventures in Bolton, MA. Her duties are many; she does everything from making diets and giving tours to supervising the camp program at which she teaches children about . . . read more.


Success Stories

Pinckney, MI, is home to one of ABI's Laboratory Animal Behavior program graduates. From a young age, Kaile was interested in animal  training. She earned a bachelor's degree is Psychology at the University of MIchigan and was soon working in their lab. After founding an animal enrichment program for the lab, Kaile decided that she would like to further her education.

While looking for online classes in . . . read more



Success Stories

Nancy Thorne Cahill graduated from our AAT program. She is from the beautiful Mt. Horeb, WI area. Although currently retired, she keeps busy with many projects.

Nancy has her own business, The Canine Connection, through which she works one-on-one with clients suffering from . . . read more



Success Stories

If you found yourself in Mumbai, India, in the recent past and you saw an ambulance for animals on the streets, it may have been there as a direct result of the efforts of Mahzeevar “Maazie” Dallas, an ABI Animal Assisted Therapy graduate. Since 1996, Maazie has been volunteering for an animal hospital that will send an ambulance out to pick up sick, injured or. . .read more.

Success Stories

Sharon has completed the Animal Assisted Therapy certification at Animal Behavior Institute, Inc., and is now working at Northern Spirit Alpaca Farm in Canada. 

Can you give us a bit of background?  Where you live and work?

I live in the far north in Whitehorse, Yukon Canada. Check it out on a map…read more

Success Stories

Karen Lasker,  a graduate of our Animal Assisted Therapy now the Executive Director of The Brody Project for Animal Assisted Therapy, located in southwest Florida.

When Karen registered for classes with ABI based on a recommendation from a friend, she was pleasantly surprised at . . . read more



Success Stories

Erik Moreau is a graduate of ABI in two certificate programs. He completed both Laboratory Animal Behavior and Animal Training & Enrichment. Erik is now Coordinator of Animal Behavior & Enrichment at a CRO (Contract Research Organization) in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

When researching online schools that would fit his needs. . . read more



Loop Abroad Benefits for ABI Students 
ABI Classes can now be used at IAABC

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