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Erik Moreau

ABI Success Story


Animal Training & Enrichment
Laboratory Animal Behavior

Erik Moreau is a graduate of ABI in two certificate programs. He completed both Laboratory Animal Behavior and Animal Training & Enrichment. Erik is now Coordinator of Animal Behavior & Enrichment at a CRO (Contract Research Organization) in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

When researching online schools that would fit his needs, it was very important to Erik to find a school that offered courses written on a college level. The various organizations that authorize and approve ABI’s courses were also crucial in helping Erik make his choice.

With the help of his ABI education, Erik learned to objectively evaluate animal behaviors in a lab situation, to understand what the optimal environmental conditions should be in a lab situation, and to achieve these optimal conditions through enrichment.

Erik said that the most memorable course he took at ABI was his first course, Animal Behavior. He was extremely surprised to find that he actually had to study for an online course. He found the information very valuable and plans to possibly take the course again at a later date as a refresher. In addition, the Animal Enrichment course contained much information that he would use later in his own career.

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