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Brandy Westmore

ABI Success Story


Canine Training & Behavior

In 2012 Brandy decided to pursue a career in dog training after adopting her dog, Buckley, from a shelter. After a considerable amount of research, she chose to attend the Animal Behavior Institute and received her certification as a Certified Canine Trainer and Behavior Specialist in 2014. She furthered her knowledge, both during and after her studies at ABI, by apprenticing for a local trainer with over 30 years of experience in the field. 

Brandy has continued to develop her skills by volunteering at a local Humane Society, attending John Rogerson’s three-day workshop on aggression, completing Sue Sternberg’s course work on aggression vs. sociability, and participating in Michael Shikashio’s webinar workshop: How to Work Aggression Cases A-Z. She now owns her own dog training business, Right Paw Forward LLC, that specializes in in-home private training sessions. She also provides daycare and boarding for many of her clients, giving her daily hands-on experience with a variety of breeds and behaviors. Always looking for new and unique solutions to old problems, Brandy remains committed to continued education and exploring information from all aspects of the dog training world.

Visit Brandy’s Right Paw Forward LLC

Why I chose ABI:

Both flexibility and structure were important to me and ABI provided both! They offered the flexibility to attend class at anytime of day but with exam deadlines and participation requirements to keep you on track. The field requirement was also very important; it forced me to get out there and find a mentor!

How I benefitted:

I benefitted by becoming educated in the science of dog training, which gave me a stronger foundation to stand on. Learning the fundamentals of training, canine enrichment, body language and health and nutrition is essential to understanding the dogs that you work with. ABI helped to give me the tools I needed to perceive dog behavior the correct way. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone interested in pursuing a career or furthering their knowledge in this field.

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