ABI Faculty & Staff

Faculty & Staff

Faculty at ABI are seasoned professionals with decades of experience in their fields; most of our faculty have doctorates in behavior, conservation
or veterinary medicine. All of our instructors have extensive teaching experience; many of them also serve as college faculty at other universities. Their experience has allowed them to create superior courses that use the full educational potential of the internet and online education.

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of our Faculty & Staff members.

Kat Echevarria
Feline Behavior

Kristen Lewis
Education & Outreach

Dr. Lindsay Mehrkam
Animal Training

Erik Moreau
Animal Behavior

Toni O'Neil
Wildlife Rehabilitation

Christine Houghton
Zoo Animal Science

Chris Waldron
Conservation & Wildlife

Deanne Angell
Equine Studies

Robert Gunsel
Service Dog Training     

Jennifer Celli
Animal Assisted Therapy      back...
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