Nancy Cahill's Story

Nancy Thorne Cahill

Nancy Thorne Cahill graduated from our AAT program.  Although currently retired, she keeps busy with many projects.

Nancy has her own business, The Canine Connection, through which she works one-on-one with clients suffering from dementia. She is also part of a group that provides animal assisted therapy in nursing homes and hospitals, as well as participating in community events.

When discussing the benefits she received from her ABI education, Nancy says that ABI gave her an enhanced vision of the animal world, backed by facts and images that she never would have realized on her own. She enjoyed the flexibility of the program, along with the diversity and background of the students. The expertise and helpfulness of the instructors added to her positive learning experience.

Both the Animal Behavior course and the Animal Training course were Nancy’s favorites. Animal Behavior challenged her to think “way outside the box” and Animal Training helped to enlighten her to the whys and hows of animal behavior.

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