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Authors. Scientists. Curators. Leaders. Our faculty are more than just educators, they are active practitioners in their respective fields. At ABI you’ll be learning from seasoned professionals, for example:

  • Learn how to care for injured wildlife with Professor Toni O’Neil, founder and director of the Possumwood Acres Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • Develop advanced dog training skills with Dr. Nicole Dorey, noted canine author and scientist. 
  • Work with Dr. Valerie Chalcraft, a Ph.D. behaviorist, as you develop your skills in feline training and behavioral management.
  • Learn the secrets of equine business management from Professor Deanne Angell, a Harvard MBA with over four decades of equine experience.

We invite you to explore the backgrounds and credentials of our faculty to the right. Discover why thousands of students have chosen to continue their education at the Animal Behavior Institute.

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