Lindsay Mehrkam

Dr. Lindsay Mehrkam

Dr. Mehrkam has worked with a wide range of species in numerous animal facilities including Disney's Animal Kingdom, Busch Gardens, Mote Marine Laboratory, as well as a number of wildlife sanctuaries and animal shelters. Her primary research interests focus on the benefits of human-animal interaction, enrichment, and training for improving the welfare of captive animals, and especially canines. She has published numerous scientific articles on canine welfare and behavior.

As a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst, Dr. Mehrkam also provides in-home consultations with both animals and people, and studies applications of the human-animal bond for improving the lives of children with intellectual, developmental, and emotional disabilities. She is currently an Assistant Professor at Monmouth University.


B.S. in Animal Behavior, Franklin & Marshall College
M.S. in Psychology, University of Florida
Ph.D. in Psychology, Specialization in Behavioral Analysis, University of Florida
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