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A New Career in Equine Behavior & Management

Do you dream of a career working with horses? Would you like to develop a deeper understanding of equine behavior, including cognition, emotions, health and nutrition? Enroll now and make your dream a reality!


Our accredited, online program in Equine Behavior & Management will give you the knowledge and skills you need to more effectively work with horses. You’ll learn how to train new behaviors, interpret body language and social behavior, understand equine emotions, create effective diets, and much, much more.

Start today and earn your certificate in as little as six months!

Our professional faculty, small class sizes and flexible programs ensure that you'll receive the personal education you deserve. Please contact us at (866) 755-0448, ext. 1 or by email at support@animaledu.com to get started today!

If you are a military spouse you may qualify to complete your program at little or no cost!


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