Why ABI?

Why ABI?

Professional instruction
Unlike most online instructional programs, we use only professional educators that are experienced in both their subject matter and the process of education. Our faculty have decades of experience in their respective fields; most of our instructors have doctoral degrees and extensive college teaching experience as well. We use a nationally known course management system to provide the latest educational technology to every student in every course. All inquiries and discussions take place directly with our faculty; we never use teaching assistants in our courses.

Licensing and Authorization
Review and approval processes ensure that an institution meets recognized standards. Read more about the organizations that have reviewed and approved courses at ABI.

Flexible and convenient
Online materials are accessible 24 hours a day. You are free to go back to review lessons and modules as you wish. Our web based, interactive courses allow students to obtain professional quality instruction without travel, anywhere at any time.

Every course provides discussion forums on each topic, regular consultation with course instructors, and interactive feedback within the online modules. Unlike correspondence courses, ABI programs are very dynamic

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