Field Requirement at Animal Behavior Institute

Field Requirement

All certificate program students must complete the field requirement - 40 hours of hands-on experience as a volunteer or employee in a position related to their program. Begin by identifying a local employment or volunteer opportunity. Next you'll submit a Field Registration form, available to registered students, for review by the Office of Academic Advising before accumulating field hours.

If you are currently an ABI student, or you have already been accepted to ABI, you can log in to  the Student Portal by using the Student Account link at the bottom of any page. Once logged in, you'll see a Student Services tab at the top of the page. The field requirement forms can be found under this tab.

Students may fulfill the volunteer or employment requirement by completing their hours at one or multiple institutions. Field Registration forms must be filled out and approved for each institution. Students may complete their hours at any time prior to the issuance of their certificate.

Once the position has been registered, you may begin recording your hours on the Field Hour Sheets. When the hours are completed, have your employer or volunteer coordinator sign the form and submit it to the Office of Academic Advising.

Students pursuing more than one certificate must complete the Field Requirement separately for each certificate program, unless students are in both the Canine Training & Behavior and the Advanced Canine Training programs or the Feline Training & Behavior and the Advanced Feline Training programs. Field hours completed in the basic programs will also be accepted in the advanced programs.

All requirements must be met and the appropriate work submitted prior to the issuance of a student’s certificate.  

Please note that Minnesota students will be required to complete a final written project in lieu of the field experience requirement. Contact an admissions officer for more information.



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