Brandy Westmore's Story

Brandy Westmore

Let’s Meet Brandy!

I worked in the restaurant industry and had owned several businesses. I had no formal dog training experience before starting my education at the Animal Behavior Institute.

How did you become interested in your field?

When I adopted my dog, Buckley, I began to think of dog training as a career. I found ABI online and registered for the Canine Training & Behavior certificate program.

Where do you work?

I own my own dog training business, Right Paw Forward, LLC, and offer private one-on-one training sessions.

How did you benefit from your ABI experience?

A huge benefit was being able to engage, ask questions, and interact with other students. My education in the fundamentals of canine training, such as learning theory, canine enrichment and body language, gave me a great foundation to build upon. It was essential to understanding the behavior of the dogs that I work with. The field requirement was another key component of my education. No other program that I’ve seen requires you to work in the field before becoming certified.

How did you complete your field requirement?

I worked with a local dog trainer. After completing my forty hour requirement and certification, I continued to apprentice with her for two years before opening my own business.

Would you recommend ABI?

Absolutely! They helped me launch my new business and get started.

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