The Animal Behavior Institute's Tuition Refund Policy

Tuition Refund Policy

We want you to feel confident about your decision to continue your education with ABI. That's why we offer one of the most generous tuition refund programs available. You have a full week to review the first three modules of your course, work with the professor, and experience the quality of an education with ABI. If you wish to withdraw at any time during that week, for any reason, you will receive a full refund of all tuition  - no questions asked! If you do decide to withdraw from the class after the first week, you are eligible for a prorated refund as follows.

Tuition Refund  Week Completed by Withdrawal Date   Current Semester
100% of course cost After week 1 begins; Before week 2 begins April 5 - April 11
75% of course cost  After week 2 begins; Before week 3 begins  April 12 - April 18
50% of course cost After week 3 begins; Before week 5 begins  April 19 - May 2
25% of course cost  After week 5 begins; Before week 8 begins May 3 - May 23
No refund After week 8 begins May 24


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