Animal Training & Enrichment

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Animal Minds & Emotions

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Animal Enrichment

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Animal Training

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Animal Behavior

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The Human-Animal Bond

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Behavior & Training of Marine Mammals

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Canine Behavior & Enrichment

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Feline Behavior & Enrichment

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Animal Training & Enrichment

Certificate Program (15 credits)

What is Animal Training and Enrichment?

Animal training emphasizes the shaping of desired behaviors through positive reinforcement. Animal enrichment refers to the structuring of an animal’s environment to provide choices and promote natural behaviors. Taken together, these tools allow us to create outstanding training plans and to develop a more comprehensive approach to behavioral management.

Who needs to know about training and enrichment? Everyone that works with animals! Once considered an "extra", behavioral enrichment and animal training are now considered an indispensable part of animal welfare. Training and enrichment play a central role in animal care, as evidenced by the requirements for licensure by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and accreditation from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA). Both institutions recognize the importance of proper behavioral management. Animal training can greatly improve animal husbandry, facilitating the voluntary cooperation of animals in everything from veterinary procedures to feeding to breeding. Behavioral enrichment enhances the quality of life by reducing stress and encouraging a range of healthy, species-typical behaviors. Together they constitute a crucial component of animal welfare; these tools are used by a wide variety of animal professionals.

Your ABI Education

Do you want to advance your career in animal training or perhaps embark on a new one? Our Animal Training and Enrichment certificate program is ideal for those interested in a more comprehensive approach to animal training. To excel as an animal trainer you will need a broad knowledge of training techniques, behavior, environmental enrichment, and animal cognition and emotions.  Our multidisciplinary certificate in Animal Training and Enrichment will give you the training and confidence you need to develop safe, effective programs. Upon graduation, you may begin using the designation CATEP, Certified Animal Training and Enrichment Professional

Program Requirements

The certificate program in Animal Training and Enrichment requires satisfactory completion of 15 credit hours, including four required courses and one elective. In addition, there is a field work requirement which consists of 40 volunteer/employment hours at a an approved facility of your choice relevant to the program.

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